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Station Re-Development



In the ever-evolving landscape of urban development, cities around the world are constantly seeking innovative ways to rejuvenate themself. One promising avenue for such transformation lies in the redevelopment of Railway stations. These transit hubs, once seen solely as transportation nodes, are now becoming focal points for urban revitalization.

Historically, Railway stations were designed with a singular purpose: to facilitate the movement of people and goods. However, as urban populations have swelled, cities are recognizing the potential for these underutilized spaces to become multifunctional urban hubs. The redevelopment of Railway stations provides an opportunity to not only modernize transportation infrastructure but also to create vibrant, sustainable, and interconnected urban centres. RLDA is tasked with unlocking the vast real estate potential of Railway land. It takes on the responsibility of planning, developing, and Commercial Development of land including the redevelopment of Railway stations. RLDA is implementing modular construction for select stations.

High points of Upcoming Station Redevelopment:

  • Railway stations as City Centres.
  • Railway stations as fusion hubs seamlessly integrating both sides of the city.
  • World Class Passenger Amenities at par with Airports.
  • Multi-Modal Connectivity: Creation of seamless travel experiences for passengers.
  • Segregation of Arrival & Departure
  • Economic Catalyst: Spurring economic growth in the areas surrounding the stations.
  • State of the art construction technology.
  • Planned structure and design based on research based model.
  • Technical enablement for better passenger services and security.
  • Transit Oriented Development. 
  • Cultural Enrichment: Incorporate cultural and recreational spaces like museums, theatres and art installations.
  • Employment generation.
  • Social Contribution.
  • Commercial cum station model.
  • Sustainable Development.
  • Divyang Friendly Amenities

The RLDA is at the forefront of incorporating state of art technology in the redevelopment of railway stations. As part of its progressive approach, RLDA is implementing a modular concept for select stations. This innovative approach includes technologies like utilization of pre-engineered and pre-fabricated construction techniques and technology ensuring safer and more convenient travel experience.

The redeveloped Railway stations will have all passenger amenities at one place along with spaces for retail, cafeterias, recreational facilities. There will be a segregation of arriving and departing passengers. Facilities like food court, waiting lounge, place for local products, etc. will be available. To make the station navigable, proper illumination, way finding/signages, acoustics, lifts/escalators/travellators shall be provided. Master plan has been prepared for smooth movement of traffic, with adequate parking facilities. The redeveloped railway station will boast passenger amenities on par with those typically found at airports. The city centre created due to the railway station's redevelopment will lead to the creation of a fusion hub, seamlessly integrating transportation and commercial activities. With RLDA's commitment to technical enablement, passengers benefit from improved services and security measures, ensuring a safer and more convenient travel experience. The stations will be divyang friendly as well. 

RLDA's efforts towards station redevelopment hold immense promise for India's future. They align with the country's vision for urbanization, sustainability, and economic growth. By modernizing and transforming Railway stations into vibrant urban centres, RLDA is creating a ripple effect that extends beyond the stations themselves.




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