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Status of Commercial sites

Status of Commercial Sites
S.No. States Railway Sites City Area           (in HQ) Status Details
1 Maharashtra CR Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Mumbai 10.40 Proposed for De-entrustment Site-Details 


2 Maharashtra CR Good luck colony near Solapur station. Solapur 0.73 Tender Invited  
3 Maharashtra CR Comm. Dev. Of land at Bushawal   behind Amar store   0.29 Upcoming  
4 Maharashtra CR In the Vicinity of Amravati Railway Station Mumbai 1.01 Developer Fixed  
5 Maharashtra CR Bushi Dam Site Lonawala Mumbai 2.06 Upcoming in 6 Months  
6 Maharashtra CR Kurla(West) Mumbai 0.13 Upcoming in 3 Months  
7 Maharashtra CR Lokgram Kalyan Additional land lokgram kalyan Mumbai 5.56+ 3.65=  9.21 Upcoming in 6 Months  
8 Maharashtra CR Bhusawal-In front of Bhusawal bus stand adjoining Raillway Station Bhusawal 0.50 Developer Fixed  
9 Odissa ECoR Building and air space above Tourist Complex at Puri Khurda Road 0.27 Upcoming in 3 Months  
10 Andhra Pradesh ECoR Visakhapatnam -Daba Garden Ambedkar Circle LIC junction Waltair 0.20 Developer Fixed PIM
11 Bihar ECR Gaya (Gautum
Budha Institute)
0.57 Developer Fixed  
12 Bihar ECR Raxaul -On station approach Road Samastipur 1.20 Developer Fixed  PIM


13 West Bengal ER Bijoli Quarters area, Liluah Howrah 1.66 Proposed for alternate site  
14 West Bengal ER Salt Golah Howrah 8.83 Upcoming  
15 West Bengal ER Site near Gate No.3 beside Bank of India under Col-II Chittranjan 0.78 Upcoming in 3 Months  
16 West Bengal ER Site near fish market , Amladahi under Col-II  Chittranjan 0.83 Upcoming in 3 Months  
17 West Bengal ER Strachey Road Colony, Liluah Howrah 0.93 Upcoming  
18 West Bengal ER Asansol Divison Site  1 Asansol 0.75 Developer Fixed  
19 West Bengal ER Asansol Divison Site  2 Asansol 0.17 Proposed for De-entrustment  
20 West Bengal ER Asansol Divison Site  3 Asansol 0.12 Proposed for De-entrustment  
21 West Bengal ER Asansol Divison Site  4 Asansol 2.44 Upcoming in 3 Months  
22 Jharkhand ER Site near Gate No. 1 under Col.-1  Chittranjan 0.90 Upcoming in 3 Months  
23 Uttar Pradesh NCR Jhansi (East) Jhansi 0.67 Developer Fixed  Site-Map/Photographs
24 Madhya Pradesh NCR Kampu Kothi Gwalior (Jhansi) 0.60 Developer Fixed  PIM


25 Uttar Pradesh NCR Etawah Allahabad 0.30 Developer Fixed  Site-Map/Photographs
26 Uttar Pradesh NCR Nirala Nagar/Kanpur  Allahabad 34.5 Upcoming in 6 Months  Site-Map 


27 Uttar Pradesh NCR Jhansi (West) Jhansi 4.12 Upcoming in 6 Months  Site-Map/Photographs
28 Uttar Pradesh NER Shahamatganj   14.681 Developer Fixed for Part A  Site-Map/ Google-Map
29 Uttar Pradesh NER Railway Junior Institute near Durgabadi Gorakhpur 2.7492 Under Study  
30 Uttar Pradesh NER Dharmshala to Gorakhnath ROB Road Gorakhpur 0.041 Under Study  
31 Assam NFR Ambari, Guwahati Lumding 0.89 / 0.95 Actual Developer Fixed  
32 West Bengal NFR Bagdogra Katihar 2.04 Under Study  
33 Delhi NR Shakurbasti (Old Rohak Road ) Delhi 17.90 Upcoming in 3 Months  
34 Punjab NR GT Road, Amritsar Ferozpur 0.24/ 0.372 Developer Fixed  Site-Map/Photographs
35 Uttar Pradesh NR Gwaltoli, Kanpur Pryagraj 1.52 Developer Fixed  Site-Photographs
36 Himachal Pradesh NR Shimla (Railway Godown below Winter Field) Ambala 0.35 Developer Fixed   PIM
37 Delhi  NR In the Vicinity of Chanakyapuri Railway Station (Plot A + B+C) Delhi 8.58 Upcoming in 6 Months  
38 Delhi NR Delhi Kishanganj (Karol Bagh) Railway Colony along Rani Jhansi Road Delhi 15.27 Upcoming  PIM


39 Delhi NR Ashok Vihar Delhi 13.25 Developer Fixed  Site-Map  / Google-Map
40 Uttar Pradesh NR Lucknow Ind. Area siding, Aish Bagh Lucknow 3.54 Developer Fixed  Site-Map/Photographs
41 Jammu & Kashmir NR Katra Ferozpur 1.53 Upcoming  PIM
42 Delhi  NR Entry to Subzi Mandi Railway Station Delhi 7.268 Under Study  
43 Uttar Pradesh NR Plot of land behind Alam Bagh-Diesel Shed, Lucknow  Lucknow 0.44 Court Case  Site-Map/Photographs
44 Rajasthan NWR Commercial Development of the Land of Bunglow No. 377 on Ajmer-Beawer Road. Ajmer 0.9/      0.8960 Upcoming  
45 Rajasthan NWR Near CSI office and Martindle bridge adjoining Nallah Ajmer 0.44 Upcoming in 3 Months  
46 Rajasthan NWR Circulating Area of Two Plots on either side of entry Road to the Station. Rana Pratap Nagar Station 0.73(Plot-A=0.42 Ha + plot-B=0.25 Ha  Tender Invited  
47 Rajasthan NWR Vacant Land adjoining Sr. DEN Bunglow opposite to ADEN office Abu Road 1.115/      0.8362 Proposed for De-entrutment and provide alternate land  
48 Rajasthan NWR Railway Colony, Lalgarh
(Part B - 6 Ha. Part D-12.43 Ha, Part E- 2.39 Ha) 
Bikaner 44.77 Court Case Site-Photographs
49 Rajasthan NWR Loco Area Jaipur 2.17 Upcoming in 3 Months Site-Photographs
50 Rajasthan NWR Hazari Bagh Colony Ajmer 7.33 Developer Fixed Site-photographs
51 Rajasthan NWR Vacant Land between RLY. Qtr. No. 113 & 114 Abu Road 0.1364/0.165 Upcoming  
52 Rajasthan NWR Near Raja Cycle Circle (2 pieces) Ajmer 0.4117 Proposed for De-entrustment  
53 Haryana NWR Mandi Dabwali Bikaner 0.79/.0.6822 Upcoming  
54 Rajasthan NWR Johns Ganj Ajmer 0.86 Developer Fixed  
55 Rajasthan NWR Sangaria Bikaner 3.00 Upcoming in 3 Months  
56 Rajasthan NWR Budha Pushkar Ajmer 0.213 Proposed for De-entrustment  
57 Rajasthan NWR Ratangarh Station
(6 pieces)
Bikaner 12.84 Upcoming in 6 Months  
58 Rajasthan NWR Km 400.975 to 401.993- Ratangarh Bikaner Section
 (4 pieces)
Bikaner 4.369 Proposed to be de-entrust  
59 Rajasthan NWR Sardar Shahar (5 pieces) Bikaner 1.291 Upcoming in 3 Months  
60 Rajasthan NWR Sirsa Bikaner 3.263 Upcoming  
61 Rajasthan NWR Plot A = 3.17  Jaisalmer 3.17 Tender Invited
62 Rajasthan NWR Hanumangarh Bikaner 3.983 Upcoming in 6 Months  
63 Rajasthan NWR Frazer Road Ajmer 1.705 Upcoming in 6 Months  
64 Rajasthan NWR Site 2 Ajmer 0.453 Proposd to be de-entrust  
65 Rajasthan NWR Site 1 (4 pieces) Ajmer 1.306 Proposed to be de-entrust  
66 Rajasthan NWR Taragarh Ajmer 0.836 Upcoming in 6 Months  
67 Rajasthan NWR Near Community Hall Ajmer 0.151 Proposed for De-entrustment  
68 Rajasthan NWR Site 3 (2 pieces) Ajmer 0.845 Proposed to be de-entrust  
69 Telangana SCR Near Moulali flyover/Hyderabad  Hyderabad 8.90 Site de-entrusted on 14.01.2022 PIM
70 Andhra Pradesh SCR Dharmavaram Guntakal 2.84 Upcoming in 3 Months  
71 Andhra Pradesh SCR Guntakal  Guntakal 1.74 Upcoming in 3 Months  
72 Telengana SCR Lancer Barracks  Hyderabad 0.86 Upcoming in 3 Months  
73 Telengana SCR Lancer lines Opposite (OCO Compound) behind Officers Rest House Hyderabad 0.44 Proposed for De-entrustment  
74 Telengana SCR MMTS Station Sanjeevaiah Park Hyderabad 0.40 Proposed for De-entrustment  
75 Telengana SCR MMTS Station-Lakdi Ka Pul Hyderabad 0.74 Proposed for De-entrustment  
76 Telengana SCR Park (Millennium Park) opposite rail kalyan near Mettuguda Metro Station Hyderabad 0.96 Developer Fixed  
77 Maharashtra SCR Aurangabad -Part of old ITDC Hotel  Nanded 3.90 Developer Fixed PIM
78 Andhra Pradesh SCR Krishna Canal Colony Vijayawada 4.39 Upcoming in 3 Months  
79 Karnataka  SCR Raichur Guntakal 0.6061 Upcoming in 3 Months  
80 Telengana SCR Nizamabad  Hyderabad 0.24 Tender Invited PIM


81 Andhra Pradesh SCR Ajit Singh Nagar- By the side of Vambay Colony Vijayawada 10.319 Upcoming in 3 Months  
82 Andhra Pradesh SCR Guntakal -In Rly Colony Guntakal 0.48 Developer Fixed Site-Sketch
83 Telengana SCR Opposite to FA & CAO/T's Office Complex
(Lekha Bhawan)
Hyderabad 1.90 Upcoming in 3 Months  
84 Andhra Pradesh SCR Vijayawada-Poornadampet -Near Rly Hospital Vijayawada 0.15 Developer Fixed PIM
85 Andhra Pradesh SCR Rajamundary-Near Railway Station and in between Railway Colonies Vijayawada 5.45 Upcoming in 3 Months  
86 Andhra Pradesh SCR Kolankonda Station Vijayawada 14.44 Upcoming in 3 Months  
87 Andhra Pradesh SCR Renigunta (Near Tirupathi Airport) Guntakal 1.57 Upcoming in 3 Months  
88 Tamil Nadu SR Poes Garden Chennai 0.53 Proposed for De-entrustment  
89 Tamil Nadu SR Park Station Chennai 0.33 Upcoming in 6 Months PIM 
90 Tamil Nadu SR Perambur Pananthope Colony Chennai 2.00 Proposed for De-entrustment PIM
91 Tamil Nadu SR Tiruvottiyur Chennai 19.43 Upcoming in 3 Months  
92 Tamil Nadu SR Chennai , Chetpet Chennai 0.76 Proposed for De-entrustment PIM 
93 Kerala SR Palanthruthy  (Island) Trivandrum 1.70 Site may be de-entruted  
94 Tamil Nadu SR Victoria Crecent adjacent to Ethiraj College   Chennai 0.43 Upcoming Site Photographs


95 Tamil Nadu SR Ayanavaram Colony Chennai 3.50 Upcoming PIM
96 Tamil Nadu SR Nagaptinam -1 plot at station Tiruchirapalli 0.13 Proposed for De-entrust and alternate site will be received from SR Site-Sketch


97 Tamil Nadu SR Tambaram Chennai 1.65 Developer Fixed PIM


98 Tamil Nadu SR Kakkapalam, Padi, 5kms from ICF /Chennai Chennai 2.10 Developer Fixed PIM
99 Tamil Nadu SR Villipuram - 2 plots at station Tiruchirapalli 0.70 Developer Fixed Site-Sketch


100 Tamil Nadu SR Waltax Road near Basin Bridge Chennai 0.12 Tender Invited PIM
101 Tamil Nadu SR Pullianthope Chennai 0.74 Developer Fixed PIM


102 Karnataka SWR Devanahalii (Plot No. B) Bangalore 2.21 Under Study  
103 Karnataka SWR Bangalore city - PF Road Bangalore 1.01 Tender Invited  
104 Karnataka SWR MTS Colony, Karwar Road, Hubli Hubli 6.00 Tender Invited  
105 Karnataka SWR Bengaluru city (Plot No. A) Bangalore 5.8 Upcoming in 3 Months  
106 Karnataka SWR Bengaluru city (Plot No. B) Bangalore 6.24 Upcoming in 3 Months  
107 Karnataka SWR Bengaluru city (Plot No. D) Bangalore 1.04 Upcoming in 3 Months  
108 Karnataka SWR Yeshwantpur (Plot No. B) Bangalore 3.04 Under Study  
109 Karnataka SWR Bengaluru Contonment (Plot No. A) Bangalore 4.49 Upcoming in 3 Months  
110 Rajasthan WCR Kota Jn - Near Sogariya Village , Plot-A  Kota 6.00/      6.257750 Upcoming in 3 Months  
111 Madhya Pradesh WCR Opposite Satna Station Building (Behind Sharda Colony) Jabalpur 4.2 Under Study  
112 Madhya Pradesh WCR Opposite Satna Station Building (Near Civil Line Square) Jabalpur 1.44 Under Study  
113 Madhya Pradesh WCR Opposite Satna Station Building - JPB End(Beside STP Plant) Jabalpur 1.4 Under Study  
114 Madhya Pradesh WCR Opposite Satna Station Building- MKP End (Near Goods Shed New Platform) Jabalpur 0.6 Under Study  
115 Rajasthan WCR Kota Jn - Near Saint Paul school  Kota 2.407/     2.70 Upcoming in 3 Months  
116 Rajasthan WCR Kota Jn - Near existing P.F.NO.1 Cycle Stand  Kota 0.21 Under Study Site-Photographs
117 Rajasthan WCR Sawaimadhopur  Near GRP Thana in the circulating area. Kota 0.40 Upcoming PIM
118 Madhya Pradesh WCR Old Howbagh Station  (Narrow Gauge) Jabalpur 4.25 Upcoming in 6 Months  
119 Maharashtra WR Bandra (East) Mumbai 4.30 Developer Fixed PIM


120 Maharashtra WR Mahim Mumbai 4.24 Proposed for De-entrutment  
121 Maharashtra WR Scrap Yard at Mahalaxmi Mumbai 0.95 Under Study PIM
122 Gujrat WR Gandhi Dham Station Circulating area Ahemdabad 0.8 Upcoming in 6 Months  
123 Maharashtra WR Bandra(East)-II Mumbai 0.15 Developer Fixed  
124 Gujrat WR Old Bhuj Colony Ahemdabad 13.39 Request for Alternate land  
125 Maharashtra WR Khar Colony Mumbai 0.33 Proposed for De-entrutment  
126 - - Mountain Railways of India     Pre-Tender Consultations

Pre-Tender Consultations

Mountain Rail Project IM


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